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I'm trying a new blog system that will allow people to comment without being LJ members. The new blog is here. Most new entries, at least for the foreseeable future, will be there - keep in touch!

Best of all in the new year - let's try to make 2007 a memorable year!

Pre-Holiday Update

I haven't posted lately; work has been as tough as always, I've been tired. Kit made Knight-Lieutenant, and acquired some PvP gear to replace the green gloves and Elven Chain boots that she's worn for ages. Still not very close to a black war ram, unfortunately, due to my habit of pugging battlegrounds. I've been a bit discouraged with PvP, actually, since the patch - AV is unplayably laggy, and WSG and AB are filled with Tier 2 premades, which makes it tough to do anything.

The holiday festivities have been fun; I love the seasonal events in WoW. Snowballs are rampant, people are raiding in gnome costumes, and everyone's first job upon logging in is to blow a kiss at the holiday revellers in the inns. Last night I gave everyone in the guild a snowshoe rabbit which I'd giftwrapped, sending them from an alt who was acting as Secret Santa. It was a lot of fun, and I have a shot of our raid last night, when BWL turned into Watership Down. :D

Aside from that, I'm feeling a bit burned out and at loose ends...I can't wait until Burning Crusade.

Grinding for HKs

This weekend was mostly spent grinding in BGs, in preparation for Wednesday's patch. Kit was 95% of the way through Sergeant Major last Wednesday, so I wanted to get her to Knight. Knight-Lieutenant would be great, although I don't dare hope for that. Every time I tried to get into Alterac Valley, either I had to go and do something else, or leave early. That hour wait is a killer.

Kit did LBRS last night, and picked up a Bloodaxe Worg (Grimm) and also a worg pup. They look adorable together. ;) We did it in a PUG that was actually pretty good, with a warrior who really knew his stuff and a druid for a healer who did an amazing job. It was a lot of fun.

(no subject)

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the various forums and blogs about people who basically don't feel like playing until TBC comes out. Raiding seems a bit pointless now, less for our guild who are doing, and will still be doing, Naxx - but much more so for guilds who are still struggling with BWL and MC. Why bother?

I've been lucky - I'm still having an enormous amount of fun. My hunter has finally dinged 60, and I am learning what a hunter's role in raids is. I have pets that I want to tame (one of the panthers from ZG, which I will call Sorrow, and one of the Bloodaxe Worgs from LBRS, which I will call Navarre. Both of those are Ladyhawke references, in case you didn't know - Navarre from Rutger Hauer's character who was a black wolf at night, and Sorrow from the conversation between Phillippe the Mouse and Ysabeau:

"Are you flesh, or are you spirit?"
"I am sorrow."

One of my favourite movie lines...

Raiding on Ravven is still pretty boring, as raiding tends to be. I need to start PvPing with her a bit, to see if I can get to like it with a lock. I love it with my hunter, and I'm hoping that I will make Knight by next Wednesday.

And I am very much looking forward to starting my Draenei. :D

Kitsunecho Dings

This weekend, Kit hit 60, after 12+ days played - four days faster than I did it on Ravven. She dinged in Burning Steppes, and I was trying to get a good ding shot, so I got very very close and then looked for a Black Drake to kill. Finally found one (I dodge them every few minutes when I'm trying to do something else). Killed it, with interface minimized etc....and didn't ding. Just shy of the necessary XP. So I dinged on a Wyrmkin. *sigh*

After dinging 60 she did ZG and AQ20 the first loot, but quite a busy day for a brand-new 60. We also tok down a world dragon. I did my Nat Pagle fishing quest, and my next project with her is to tame a black panther with stealth in ZG, and a Bloodaxe Worg. :D

Quite a busy weekend...and with Ravven, our guild took down Anub'Rekhan in Naxx. Finally!

Miz and Ravven are the Ninja Sisters.


Hiatus, and Return

No WoW for a week, as I went back to the States to visit my family. (Well, to be completely honest, I did buy a copy to try to get them hooked, but since they're on dialup, we couldn't download the patch.)

Since my return, aside from taking Ravven to Naxx a couple of times, I've mainly been PvPing in Alterac Valley with Kitsunecho. God, do I love AV. Part of it probably has to do with the fact that for some reason Alliance tends to win in AV and lose in WSG and AB, which naturally affects my enjoyment of it, but it's also because this is what raiding should feel like, and never does. I love the mad dash, the feeling of being in real battles...if you could bring a premade and have TeamSpeak, I'd be in heaven. There's not enough communication, too many leaders and not enough followers, but still it's the most fun that I've had in ages. Yesterday I was in a battle that lasted almost two hours, and I had to leave the battleground as Naxx was starting in five minutes - disappointing, but I had something like 546 HKs.

I need to start grinding on Ravven...Naxx repair bills of 25+g per raid night are going to wipe me out awfully fast.

It Gets Better...

My luck in anything is normally abysmally bad. I can't win a roll to save my life, I never have anything of value drop. And this morning, as I was grinding trash mobs in Eastern Plaguelands, I had a Dwarven Hand Cannon drop from some highbourne wraith. My first purple drop not from a raid instance. Bind on equip, and possibly selling in the 500G range.

Oh. My. God.

Hey, I can make 500g while I drink my breakfast coffee - how about you?

(That probably pissed off all the gods of drops, and from now on I'll only get grey drops.)
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My Precious

So last night, bored and only online for a bit before bed, I was trying to level my fishing a bit by fishing the canals of Stormwind (euuuw, as if you'd ever eat anything from the canals) and guess what I found in a fish: The One Ring. (Description reads: "Not as good as The Two Ring".)

60-65 gold on Aggramar. OMG.

Well, that will cover two nights of Naxx repair bills. :)

First Steps Into Naxx

On Sunday we made our first foray into Naxx. (I'll have to post screenshots later, but I'll have to do that from home.) It was awesome: it felt a lot like Undercity, very cool and spooky. We had decided to try the Death Knights wing as a first step, and the initial trash mobs weren't bad at all...until we made it to Instructor Razuvious.

From 4pm until 8pm we wiped, and I ended the evening with a repair bill of over 22g. Yep...for a clothie. One of our (new) warriors who had died a lot had an initial repair bill on the field bot of 35g - no idea what his final tally was. But hey, it's only money, right?

It's a very technical fight, with our priests having to learn tanking skills (they mind-control his students in rotation, which are used to tank the boss). For the rest of us, it was a line-of-sight fight much like Chromaggus, ducking in and out.

I think he had a special hard-on for me, since every time we tried to run for the stairs (when it was clear that we were going to fail) he would almost invariably target me. Once I was standing in a hidden nook with one of the mages, and he ran up, swatted me, and ran off. He must not have seen me pointing at her: "Take her! Take her!" lol...

Overall though, it was a lot of fun. With each death, I just kept thinking "at least we're not in AQ40 tonight".

In other news, I just discovered Alterac Valley with Kit. I freakin' love it. How could I have gone this long without going into AV? It's like a raid instance...except fun. There are quest to complete, and shiny rewards to be won, and it feels more "real" than the capture-the-flag stuff in WSG does. It feels like a real battle. I'm hooked. :D

Kitsunecho: Attuned to the Core

Today, via a very kind offer from a friend on Moonglade, Kit did her attunement to the core. I was quite nervous, which was strange - I would have been bored with Ravven. Neither she nor Ennui embarrassed themselves, which is good. Good group, too - good players, good conversation.

She finally managed to complete Onyxia attunement up to Marshall Windsor, as well. Doing Dragonkin Menace was tough because of all of the farmers and bots camping that area, running their set patterns with Boar or Cat. I finally decided to make a game of it, and try to use the bot to kill my tagged some success, since they were usually much faster at tagging things that I was. Fucking gold farmers really piss me off.

We're enjoying a lazy weekend, as next weekend I go back to the States for a visit. Very nervous about it.

They decided to give me a new title at work: Web Director. No more salary than I had as Project Manager, though. :/

We're starting (initial planning stages) of a phase of the project that I am very excited about, the 3D social/game area. An MMORPG, actually, that could be used for 3D chat or teaching or gaming. We're working in partnership with a local university, as they're excited about the project as well. Should be fun.