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Ravven's Glass: Writings on MMORPGs, WoW, Art & Design

7 August
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An American in the UK...this is going to be my (mainly) Warcraft journal, so I don't bore people with continual game entries. ;)

I am a web developer, designer, digital artist and photographer; after living in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Northern California, I've finally settled in Staffordshire, England. Next step? Who knows...Ireland, Portugal...the world is a large place.

Passions include riding (mainly dressage), animals, travel, dancing, movies and books, books and more books (everything except for romances and westerns, although I've read a few of those). I'm not embarrassed to shop in the children's book section, and I admit that if I could live in any book, it would be the Harry Potter books. Or possibly Pern, or Darkover, or Valdemar.

I have blue/green eyes with a yellow ring, my hair is usually red and always long, and the rest is subject to change.

In WOW, I play on EU servers: Ravven, my main, is a human warlock on Aggramar and a member of the raiding guild Shadow Slayers; Kitsunecho, a night elf hunter, and Catweazel, a human mage, are on the roleplaying realm Moonglade.